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Three French Bullgod Puppies
Puppy in Red Cushion


I contacted Angela after reading all her great reviews. Last week she came to our home to meet our dog Monty, and from the get go she was truly wonderful and amazing! Her help with training advice, tips and her explanation of body language has been so valuable.


She has taught us how important leadership is and we can already see a big change in Monty's behaviour. With Angela's guidance and support, he now listens to us and is so much calmer.


I can't recommend her enough. Thank you so much Angela


Angela was so patient with both our dogs, had a clear understanding of what needs to be done to get the desired results with our dogs who were extremely reactive on their leads. 
Her strategies especially the one on personal space and setting boundaries and showing the dogs that we're in charge have made a massive difference in our lives in just 1 session with them... they were totally different dogs by the end of the session! 

Can't thank Angela enough for the awesome work that she's done for us! 

highly recommend Angela.. 

Happy Paws

Angela, what have you done with Buster? I think you have left another dog with us. He went for his walk this morning and we had no charging off down the road. He walked beautifully behind us and even when we let him off his lead he stayed at our side. Truly amazed!

Denise Pilkington

Thanks a lot Angela .... I really can't thank you enough for your time today afternoon.

We've just returned from a walk with both Oscar and Pebbles ..... And I'm speechless with what a difference you've made! We had two occasions where there were dogs. Pebbles was a bit reactive but responded to correction immediately ... whereas Oscar didn't bother challenging authority!

We came across a few people without much pushing of the boundaries!

This has been one of the best walks we've had so far!


We had the absolute pleasure of meeting Angela today. She came to help us with some training with Winston. We learnt so much about him in this session! Things we thought we had under control we definitely did not. She has really helped us to read Winston's body language and show leadership. I couldn't recommend her enough!! If you need help in any area with your fur child, she is the lady you need. Honestly a blessing. Thank you so much Angela. We are so happy you took the time to help us out!!


Angela is a godsend. We engaged her in-home training services to assist us with some significant behavioural issues we have been experiencing with our 1 year old fur baby. The training we received was clear, concise, logical and skills which we were immediately able to apply and have been ever since. The positive changes in our beaglier's behaviour have been pleasantly unexpected. The training requires commitment and persistence, but it is well worth the rewards. We were very fortunate to come across Angela when we did.

Larry Skellington

Angela since you left we are absolutely stunned. She has been sleeping in her bed, she doesn't chew my hair, she doesn't invade our personal space and even walked a little with the lead. You are amazing.


Thanks Angela. Pepper is such a good boy now. Just can't imagine how changed he is with your training. Couldn't thank you enough. We tried puppy schools, we tried dog training schools ??? But what you did was close to a miracle.

Reshma Mathias 

Angela ...... Thank you for the most amazing training session with Cooper. Much to my surprise, his response was instantaneous and his behaviour has improved immensely.  
Thanks again ....... highly recommend Angela to anyone with concerns regarding these behavioural issues.

Alex Evangelidis

I had Angela come out a few days ago to help me with my very anxious and needy dog Ruby! I was so amazed that within 10 minutes of Angela being there she had Ruby settled. I have put into place a few simple tasks to help Ruby with her anxiety and helping her see that I'm in charge and what a difference I can see only after a few days. Will definitely be having another session with Angela! Highly recommend her!

Jacquie Margaret

One week after Angela's visit, Radley's behaviour has improved heaps. His barking outside has pretty much stopped! No whining to come inside! No scratching at the door! All after only one session with Angela! He still has a little way to go but Angela left us with instructions & is happy for us to phone her anytime. I can't recommend Angela's Dog Training highly enough. Very reasonable rates too.

Anne Brincat Minniti

Firstly a massive thank you to Angela for helping Alfie adjust to us and us to him.


Angela came and shared the importance of leadership and personal space in our relationship with our new family member. Alfie had only been with us 2 days. He is 6 months old and was very scared and not used to a lot of people. We couldn't move him from his mat, he was not motivated by treats and he was barking all night. Angela came in worked her magic, gave us an understanding of Alfie and how to work with him, taught us to have perspective, used great examples and was very hands on to ensure we were all aligned and had the foundation to create a great experience for us all. Angela did not leave until we had addressed all questions and concerns through, working with Alfie and ensuring we all were clear and comfortable with the techniques. Truly a life saver. Thank you so much Angela.


Anyone wanting to set up well and address challenging behaviours, I would thoroughly recommend this service. 

Janet Vocale

So grateful for Angela’s guidance with our one year old Maltese X, Mickie. She was incredibly attentive and responsive to our individual needs, and provided us with real and informative solutions to our concerns. His behaviour changed notably throughout the session and we feel well equipped and eager to implement the techniques we learnt with the offer of her ongoing support as required. Thanks Angela!

Gabby Drum

Angela's approach to establishing leadership with our new puppy Obi was fantastic in so many ways. We are a family with children and Angela has helped us set up the correct household dynamics to ensure that owning a large dog is going to be a positive experience for each of us (Obi included of course). We were shown in simple and practical ways how to interact with Obi and how to teach Obi what behaviours are/are not acceptable. Angela was exceptional at demonstrating how to set boundaries and respond to Obi in a way that he would understand - and we have learnt that these elements are critical in establishing leadership. The results have been excellent and it is so great to see the improvements in our puppy's behaviour so quickly. Obi had actually started to growl at us if he didn't want to do something we needed him to do (like leave a specific room). This worrying behaviour ceased the day after the training session. Obi now very obligingly gets up and follows us out of the room when asked. If you need help getting your dog to become a well mannered and relaxed family member we would highly recommend Angela's Dog Training. One session really did exceed our expectations.

Belinda McCabe

Couldn't recommend Angela enough! We had her come out and help with my 3 and a half year old staffy who was incredibly anxious and clingy.


At first we thought it was cute but soon realised it was getting a bit out of control and even after all that time, in just a few hours of Angela working with us and our dog, we had noticed improvements. Nothing suggested was over the top or unachievable (we all work full time and know how hard it is to find time for things).


Angela was such good value for money and it really didn't feel like a sales pitch with needing multiple sessions etc.


She has provided plenty of ongoing assistance with all our follow up questions and even checking in to see how we are going. Couldn't be happier with the service and our little staffy is a lot happier and less anxious since.

Sarah-Jane Farrelly

Many thanks yet again for all your expertise, Angela. We have noticed our little Sooty is much calmer and it's so relieving to see the anxiety shifting. You were so right, he is very responsive to the boundaries and he seems to thrive on having these newer rules in place, as it has created more structure for him. We were absolutely blown away by how amazing you are. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Rebecca Bridger

My family and I would like to thank Angela for all her guidance, help & assistance with our cavoodle pup, little Miss Ella! We appreciate everything and could not recommend your dog training enough. If there was a way to give you six stars out of five, we definitely would. Thanks so much.

Adem Bektash

Angela came out to our home to help us out with our 5 Year old Shitzu Bailey. He was showing very dominant behaviour which became increasingly worse. Straight away Angela showed us how to take charge of Bailey.


Firstly by showing him that jumping up onto us was unacceptable behaviour and by pushing him away with our foot eventually he would sit and wait quietly. We were shown that he was not allowed to sit on the lounge unless invited to. So by having him on a lead we were able to to get him up on the lounge and get him to jump down when asked. He now is able to listen to our commands off the lead. Bailey is a calmer dog now and understands that he is not in charge.


I would highly recommend Angela to anyone who is having issues with their dog. Angela’s patience and understanding of dogs is amazing. Her follow up calls and texts give you the reassurance that you are doing a great job.

Judy Cini-Padula

So very grateful for Angela's visit today for both our toy poodle of 12 weeks, Bonnie, and our 9 1/2 year old Maltese/Shih Tzu, Brandy. Was struggling with just some basic puppy issues. Angela bought so much wisdom, care and understanding which made our 2 hour session fly by. Angela was also able to help us with Brandy's anxiety on lead issues and I'm super excited to follow through on all the new techniques we learnt for both our girls. Can't recommend her more highly. Worth every cent.

Sam Reed

Angela is extremely professional and friendly and clearly knows her trade very well. We had a very loud and anxious sausage dog who we now have under control thanks to a couple of hours with Angela. Angela taught us the right body language and techniques to ensure the correct leadership structure was in place in our home. Our dog is now calm and quiet. I would recommend Angela’s service to anyone who is struggling with their beloved pet. Thanks Angela!

Andrew Wrigley

We felt completely powerless with managing our pointer puppy's behaviour, even after spending so many hours, even days researching online to try and fix it ourselves. In one leadership session, Angela explained and demonstrated how to completely eliminate these bad behaviours, and help us get our life back.

Two weeks later and I'm still amazed at how effective the session was. Amazing value at a reasonable cost. Would highly recommend Angela.

Dan Gibney

In all honesty we have a different dog. We have been very strict and Angus has responded accordingly. He is sleeping in his pen with a cry and bark at the start, then he settles. He is very respectful. He is like a different dog.

We can't thank you enough for the effort and knowledge you shared with us. We really appreciate that you took the time to make sure we were on track with Angus and our leadership techniques.


Hi Angela, just wanted to say that I followed your advice and almost immediately we have seen a dramatic improvement on walks AND today I felt confident to let Bodi off the lead and he ran with a few dogs but kept looking back at me and running back to me before going back to the other dogs. H was so good. It was amazing. Thank you so so much. I can't tell you how happy we are with the results from a simple change.


Today we had the pleasure of inviting Angela into our home to meet our two pups, Ares and Luna, who are both kelpie/labrador crosses. Angela taught us how to properly train our puppies as well as when the proper time is to praise them. She made us feel in charge of our pups again instead of the other way around in just one visit. And she is honestly just a very friendly and talented individual. Would 100% recommend. Can't thank her enough.

George Kalaitzakis

Just wanted to say thank you again so much Angela. It meant a lot and you really helped me when I felt so helpless. You're the best out there and I couldn't be more grateful.


We had a visit from Angela today to give us a few tips about our two cocker spaniel puppies. We learnt so much and it is incredible how much knowledge and patience Angela has. She was kind and had a very calming influence on our puppies. Not only did she explain things to us, she also showed us how to do her special tricks and she didn’t leave until she thought we had mastered them ourselves. We couldn't recommend her more highly.

Tahlia Clarke

Thank you so much for your help with Barney. The leadership techniques you've showed us were easy to follow and worked!!!  I'm amazed how quickly we were able to transform Barney into a calm puppy!  Highly recommend!

Kate Foord

We didn't realise but we had a leadership problem in our home with our new rescue dog, Digger. Angela recognised it straight away and with a few minor tweaks in our parenting we now have a very well behaved dog on lead and no more weeing!

Krista Gregory

Angela was such a great help with our girl, Sunny. We could see almost instantly changes in Sunny's behaviour and the progress continues daily. Angela was and has been extremely helpful, always happy to help with all our queries, and always comes through with great advice. Would highly recommend.

Kardia Gulifa

Thank you Angela. After one session with Pluto today he has responded so well. Pluto is now a loving Lab who is calm and enjoyable. We know it is early days but we are 100% confident that with your method and advice we can keep this going. Definitely recommend you to all our family and friends.

Pauline, Marty and the gang

A beautiful lady so very experienced in behavioural dog training. Her balanced style of training is exactly what my dominant pup needed to get him on the path to developing a happy and healthy mind. Immediate results were noticeable!

Danielle Shalders

We had Angela help us with our two Spoodles Toby & Molly, and it was the best decision! Angela is lovely, friendly, and amazing at her job. Within 5 minutes she had established Leadership with our dogs. She spent 3 hours with us, teaching us how to interact with our dogs in a way that would allow us to take control of them. I would highly recommend Angela's services for anyone who needs a bit of help training their dogs. Angela is also very generous with her time, offering free advice and sending us lots of information that would help us once she left.

Shanelle Dee

Angela is such a patient and caring trainer. Thank you for all your hard work with Zoe. Highly recommend Angela's Dog Training.

Joanne Tuan Filippone

Angela came out to our house a few weeks ago to help with our 10 m.o Labrador Max!! He was being very dominant in the house and ignoring all of our commands, being very destructive and chewing our plaster walls and cornices. Angela showed us how to take control and show we are boss! She taught us about our body language and techniques to show Max we’re in control. We moved all his toys outside and put in some strict boundaries inside the house.


Max is so much calmer now! He listens to us in the house, and he’s stopped his destructive behaviour, no more chewing or tantrums! We’re working on his leash walking and he’s getting so much better! Thanks so much Angela, the transformation has been amazing in such a short amount of time.

Mel Anthony

Lillie settling down now and big thank you to Angela for her advice. Angela's follow up is such a great part of her service. I feel like I have my own specialist dog trainer just at the end of my phone. Much better than any dog school as she knows and cares for Lillie and I. A special friend for both of us.

Regina Davern

We had Angela come to our home and help us work on our Smithfield, Pepper’s, etiquette and excitement around turns out it was more us than Pepper that needed the training. 
With Angela’s simple yet unbelievably useful tips we have seen such a difference in Pepper’s behaviour already, now we just need to make sure we keep up with reinforcing and encouraging this behaviour so that Pepper knows that we are leader of the pack not her. 

Learning how to understand Pepper’s body language and the impact of ours was so interesting and helpful and by taking Pepper’s toys to outside, we now have a much calmer dog inside. 
Not only was Angela great with Pepper, she was so generous with her time and provided us a page of useful tips and links to websites for things we discussed. We cannot recommend Angela’s services enough!! Thank you!

Zoe Wright

I found Angela's Facebook site very informative and loved that she openly shared her knowledge and information about dog behaviour and discussed real life examples of dogs and owner's experiences with training. I soon realised that our 7mth old rescue dog Poppy, the American bulldog cross, and our household would greatly benefit from some one on one tips and tricks to help our new addition settle in and help us get on top of early bad habits.

Angela came to our home and listened to us and observed very quickly that we needed to build on establishing personal space, plus some lead walking pull and release. Angela was very generous with her time and even walked the streets to test us and our new skills.

In a short space of time we have had brilliant results. A much calmer and relaxed Poppy in our house. We are confident that with the insight and skills Angela has provided us, we will continue to practice and reinforce life-long enjoyable relationships with our dogs. It's made us more aware of dog behaviour, helping us be stronger leaders with our family pack. Thank so much Angela.

Electra van den Brink

Angela came to see me a week ago and has left me with a new dog! After just one session Lola is much more independent and less of a 'velcro' dog. She is more responsive, has stopped play biting on her lead when walking, and her separation anxiety is improving day by day.

Angela knows how to read dogs' body language and how to communicate with them using their own language. She teaches the fundamentals of leadership and how to be a good responsible dog owner in a kind, friendly and non judgemental manner and makes sure all of your questions are answered before the end of the session.

She helped me understand the importance of leadership, even with a quiet, shy little pup. And left me with easy to practice strategies and resources to help me continue to practice and build upon the invaluable skills learnt in her training session. Thanks Angela.


Angela is amazing at reading a dog's attitude and behaviour. We had no idea our big boy, Bob, was dominating us and this was sending our pup crazy! Our poor rabbit was fearing her life. We believed Piper was the problem. Now we have learnt how to be a leader with both dogs and they are both settled and walk with us calmly. Massive sigh of relief thank you!

Aimee Timpson

Hi Angela, Thank you SO much for today! I just took Rainbow for a walk and he was a different dog. It's amazing. He's already waiting behind me when I come down the stairs and just generally being so much calmer. Thanks again, you're a wizard!


Angela came to help us with our anxious cavoodle, Luna, and one week later we are having amazing results. Angela explained the dynamics in our household and gave us the skills and techniques to improve our leadership skills and have a much calmer and happier dog. All our guests have commented on how calm Luna is now & we have even managed to introduce her to new dogs (which was impossible before). Recommending her to everyone we know. Thanks so much Angela!

Jordi Borrelli

My partner Sam and I were very pleased with Angela’s Dog Training service. Not only did she provide us with all of the essential training information for our young pup, she followed up her visit with frequent text messages to ensure we were on track. We found Angela to be very genuine, kind and knowledgeable and we felt extremely comfortable allowing her into our family home. Highly recommend this service! Thank you Angela! From Sam, Adel and Chloe.

Adel Soforler

Thank you so much Angela for your insights into the reasons my dog was acting the way she was. After only a few days of introducing the changes that were suggested, the dynamic between us has shifted and we are both so much more relaxed, and beginning to be able to enjoy our wonderful relationship without the stress. I had read so many articles and watched so many YouTube videos but there really is no substitute for experienced, hands-on help. Very highly recommend, I only wish I had done it sooner!

Natasha Singh

Hi Angela, Thank you for giving us the confidence and skills we needed to create a more peaceful home! Our two little fluffy bundles are so much calmer now and I can work from home without it descending into barking madness. Dixie and Chewie are gentle, happy fluff balls.

Louise and Jeff

Otto definitely is a much better pup since you've come to rock his world!! A million thank-yous!!

Marcia Borzillo Pournaris

Thanks Angela for coming to my rescue with Jacko and Peppe. The time you gave us all in training and tips is invaluable. I could see an immediate difference in Jacko and Peppe. They know to wait at the door now before rushing in and walking is getting better each day. I know they are still a work in progress but with your tips and making sure I keep consistent they'll improve and we'll all be happier. Thanks so much for your time and follow up with me.

Tina Cee

Angela came out to my home and worked her magic on my 14 week old puppy, Millie. Millie instantly responded to Angela's techniques and what was great about Angela's training is that she would show you what to do and then help you in doing it yourself under her guidance. Millie was so receptive to Angela which went a long way to her picking up on the training and showing instant changes. Time to keep up the techniques learnt and continue the training daily. With Angela's constant support and checking in along the way, I have no doubt Mille will be a pro in no time! I was amazed at how quickly some of the changes came into effect within the first session. Thanks so much Angela, money well spent!

Amy Petropoulos

Thanks again Angela. We have seen a massive improvement. You have made our lives a whole lot less chaotic with one visit. Thank you !!!!!!!!!

Amy Ahwang

I would like to say a huge thank you to Angela for passing on her knowledge to assist me in training my little girl, Tilly. Learning about the importance of personal space has changed Tilly's response to commands. Angela walked with Tilly and I to give guidance, knowledge and support on loose lead training. This gave me the confidence to learn and put to practise what she had taught me in the session. Thank you.

Jessica Abby

Angela came with a wealth of knowledge about how and why dogs act the way they do. It came as quite a surprise to my husband and I that some of the things we did with our dog, which we thought were the best way of doing it were not. Our dog did not have a whole suite of issues, but just a couple of quite severe ones. Yet we are already surprised at how quickly she has made improvements. Just the very next day we worked on these new techniques with her. Glad to have found Angela's help. Such a relief to finally have concrete tips and knowledge on how to act and train our dog that work! She is so much calmer and happier already within a day and I can't wait to see how our progress develops.

I am also extremely pregnant yet walking with Lucy is a breeze now thanks to Angela. This is one of the fastest breeds yet she walks slowly as I waddle along.

Rebecca Wellwood

Angela is very professional and adopted a calm approach to training. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in training dogs and other animals. We had an amazing experience and Angela was patient and answered all of our questions and concerns. Polly is already more relaxed and responsive. I would recommend Angela to anyone who needs help! She's clearly very passionate about dogs and making sure their owners are able to give them the best life possible.

Laura Bannerman

Couldn't be more more thankful for Angela's guidance and very much needed help with our French Bulldog, Eddie.

After losing our Pug, Gertie, Eddie was suffering with a bit of separation anxiety. Being 9 years old and having spent his whole life with Gertie he was struggling to adjust being without her, particularly when we left the house.

After just an hour together with Angela we were able to help Eddie calm down and be able to relax when outside by himself and reintroduced him to his outside kennel.

Thanks so much Angela for helping show us how to help Eddie and give him the support he needs.

Jason McGlade

We can’t thank Angela enough for all her valuable information and advice in training our 9 month old cavoodle! Angela was extremely thorough and repeated each exercise as necessary until we achieved what was expected of our Willow. We can already see changes in Willow’s behaviour, as well as her understanding of who the leaders of the house are. Highly recommend Angela!!

Biance Petrovski

We have quite a clever little cavoodle but as soon as he got to 6 months old his behaviour started to change: he was getting quite boisterous and he wasn't listening to me anymore. I was getting quite stressed at his barking, biting and disobedience that he had suddenly started exhibiting. Despite hours of online research of puppy training videos, I was still missing something.

I called Angela and she visited for 3 hours and explained some basic, very effective techniques, but firstly teaching us how important it is for us to show leadership and set boundaries, and then obedience and good behaviour will follow.

I had no idea that little Kobe thought he was actually the leader in our home, and I was actually doing quite a few things to encourage that, causing my own stress.

By that very evening (after Angela's visit), our Kobe seemed much calmer. By the second day he was walking calmly behind and beside me, rather than pulling my arm off. Angela was firm but calm and kind also.

Her methods really work and Angela offers phone support and sends reminder notes afterwards. She is a lovely lady with a friendly disposition, who makes you want to welcome her into your home and trust her with our beloved pets.

I am so pleased and grateful we found Angela, so we can enjoy our puppy again without stressful situations.

Caroline Roberts

Thanks Angela! I am truly in awe of the changes I saw in Charlie today! Even when my husband came home his demeanour was different and he went to his bed and laid down waiting to be invited to say hello. Hopefully I can continue with the great work and get results as amazing as you got today.........

................Tonight my husband came home and he didn't move off his bed when the front door opened!! Amazing!!! Then stayed there wagging his tail and waited for him to invite him to say hello.

Antonette Walford

We adopted Snoopy from the breeder. For the first few days he kept barking at night as he was lacking security. Luckily my friend recommended Angela to us. She came to our house for 1 on 1 puppy training and consulting. She spent 2 hr to solve all the problems for us, Snoopy is now able to get into his kennel and have good behaviour while walking. Angela kept following up with Snoopy’s progress and providing useful suggestions for us. She is not only doing a business but also sharing her knowledge and experience with all dog lovers. Thank you so much Angela! Will definitely recommend Angela to all new dog parents!

Michelle Deng

We have a greyhound who was anxious and turning aggressive. Everything we did seemed to make it worse to the point where he was growling at me from across the room. The thing is, my partner and I have had dogs. Plus we watched all the tutorials, got the books, saw the YouTube videos. I'm great with dogs, but I couldn't do it.

We had one appointment and Angela explained how the dog was interpreting each of mine and my partner's behaviours.  We followed her advice to a T and literally night and day, the dog's anxiety is gone.

On top of that, Angela was super responsive, attentive, listened to my issues and spoke to not just the surface behaviour, but the underlying principles. I could not recommend her highly enough and I will send everyone I know to her.

Jeremy Stothers

Hi Angela, just want to let you know that we've just taken Rosie for a walk and she was fantastic. This is especially great as last week was a bit crazy and none of us had time to work on her leading. She's a different dog! She now waits for me to let her eat and to come in through the door!


Thank you so much Angela. Cooper's training is going so well and he is picking it up so quickly! We cannot thank you enough, it is life changing!

Jess and Brad

Going great thanks Angela. Behaving really well and walking on the lead like he's part of the Westminster Dog Show. Rudy's happy, we're happy, it couldn't be better. Thanks again for the wonderful insights. We've gained so much already from applying them.


Angela thank you so so much. You are amazing and we both learnt so much today. Appreciate your help and time. Look forward to applying all that you taught us with our two boys. Thanks again.

Melina and Pino

Hi Angela, Thanks so much for your time and expertise today. We just took the dogs down to Petbarn to get the check collar, and it was the first time ever we didn't have to worry about Loki pulling or misbehaving.......... what a lovely change! Both dogs are knackered and fast asleep (learning clearly takes it out of them). Again thanks so much. We are very grateful!

Kaz and Corie

My wife and I have an 8, nearing 9-month old french bulldog who has been reluctant to take direction from either one of us.
More recently, we had an encounter (epiphany moment) with her aggressive side when reaching for her bone. It was at this moment we realised that we didn't have her 'under control' (as prev. thought) and feared for others, despite her small stature.
Thankfully, we opted to reach out to a specialist (Angela) for guidance and realised within 15 minutes the improvement she'd demonstrated.
For the remainder of the day, our anxious, energetic and at times, chaotic puppy, has not displayed any of these traits... moreso a calm demeanor.
Thank you Angela, for talking us through and assisting us to understand how relationships strive, despite her being a COVID pup.

Advice for others: if you're unsure whether they're 'under control'; wanting to seek a deeper understanding of your little/big best-friend; or just seeking assistance/guidance for training (puppy/older), definitely consider Angela as your choice... You won't be disappointed.


Josh and Georgie Reeve

Before we found Angela we had a very pushy unruly 8 month old Lab that would jump all over you. Today is day 1 after training and the techniques we learnt are definitely working! Thanks so much Angela, I think Pip is much happier too!

Seonne Frost

We had no idea why our French Bulldog Arnie was displaying particular behaviours. These behaviours were driving my husband and I crazy! 
Angela taught us what these behaviours really mean and how to go about helping Arnie. Within 15 minutes of Angela’s help, Arnie’s behaviour had changed. 
We are so thankful for her assistance in helping us understand why leadership and personal space are so important to help our fur baby feel at ease. 
I highly recommended her help! 
Thank you Angela!

Tara Harding

I had Angela come out to my home to assist my family and me with my Lexi the French Bulldog. Being the bossy little madame she is, it was time for her (and us!) to learn a few things. The skills I learnt about establishing boundaries made such a difference! The lesson was easy to understand and execute. The marked difference in just 24hrs is so helpful. Lexi is already much calmer. I’ve no doubt the skills Angela taught me and my family will continue to assist Lexi in a better quality of life. Thanks so very much Angela!

Meegsie Kellie

Thanks so much Angela. We have a different dog tonight who is sitting in the same room as the cat relaxed and not getting up on my bed! Unbelievable!

Honestly, it seems to be like some sort of miracle has occurred. At one point I was patting them both at the same time and they both just laid down.


A great big thank you to Angela who came to our home to work with Bailey, our 5 year old spoodle. He's basically a good boy with a few problems that needed sorting out. After only a few minutes with Angela, we realised that it was us, the owners, who needed sorting out. With Angela's help, we have been able to implement some changes that have helped both Bailey and ourselves understand each other. We would encourage anyone who needs help with their fur babies to contact Angela and book a session with her.

Vivienne Peters

Angela came to work with us and our whippet, Oscar, who was displaying dominant and at times aggressive behaviours. Within minutes of being in our home she understood the dynamics between our dog and us as owners, and how that impacted his behaviour.
Angela provided us with some very effective strategies and allowed us to practice them with her guidance, for things like entering doors, walking on lead and jumping on us/guests. Less than 24 hours have passed and we are already seeing changes.
Highly recommended! Thank you Angela!

Alice Harmer

Angela's dog training was really insightful and helpful in helping our little Winston tweak those little behavioural issues he has. He was quite sensible and attentive and really took to what Angela was doing with him, as this good behaviour even continued once she had left, with the new method we were using. Angela really emphasised the importance of leadership to us, which was important in helping us understand that we are the ones that need to take charge to show who is the leader, so that those boundaries are set in stone. We can't thank you enough!!

Sienna Pannunzio

Thank you Angela for coming out to see us and little Poppy!! Having you explain the "leadership" role to us within the doggy world has given us the tools to make the changes we need to keep Poppy and us happy. She is a quick learner and is doing well with respecting our private space but we just need to keep reinforcing what you taught us!!
We would never have understood all this without you showing us one on one!! 
To have you only a phone call away is also reassuring when we need extra help!! 
Thank you from us and Poppy!! 

Annette Justin

Wow what can I say, after a morning with Angela my hubby and I have seen the error of our ways. Buster needed to know who was the leader and unfortunately we were confusing him. I can’t believe the change now that he knows where he is in the hierarchy of our home.
No jumping up at us or sitting on the sofa. 
I highly recommend Angela for her knowledge and understanding of dog behaviours.

Denise Pilkington

Learned new things about my dog that I didn't know. Helped heaps with my little princess's aggression. Thanks heaps.

Gibson Byrne-Furey

Angela thank you so very much for helping us with our 9 week old toy poodle, Chia. It hasn't even been 24 hours and we have already made significant progress. You are very intuitive and gifted with animals. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much Angela! You really were amazing and so helpful! I can't wait to keep you updated on how he's going and see you gain once he's a bit older!


Hi Angela, Great to meet you too!!! You truly are amazing and we are so grateful!!! Alyssa is still doing well & husband has been briefed sternly & is onboard (I think because he can see it's working). We are so happy!!!


Angela was such a great help with Layla. Showed so much improvement already. Thank you so much.

Judy Treganowan

It was amazing how quickly Lillie responded with your training. Can't recommend Angela highly enough!! I am working with her and she is responding very well. Thanks so much.

Regina Davern

Angela first came over just shy of a week ago and I can honestly say in just 1 visit my dog's behaviour is changing for the better!

She teaches you, the owner, the fundamentals to better your relationship with your dog, and in turn the behavioural issues start to disappear. Already in 6 days my boy, Odin, has gotten so much better. I know if I keep up with the training and showing leadership, he will keep on improving even more.

Thank you for your ongoing support thus far.

Jarryd Missen

Thank you so much Angela, I now have a new and improved version of Rocket. Walking with him has been torture but I’m putting in place your strategies and it’s working. Much less barking and a calmer dog all round.

Annette Gagliano

Thanks again - Duke is behaving so much better now. It was so incredible to see him improve so quickly. Really couldn't thank you enough for your help.

Dan and Liz

Angela, thank you so much for your advice. You make lots of sense and explained things so well. Bailey is not used to school and has been resting all afternoon!! All 3 of us will be taking on board all you have shown us. Thanks so much.

Warrick and Viv

Thanks so much Angela. We really appreciate your time and learnt so much that we are already putting into practice.


Thanks so much for coming. We really appreciate it! The dogs are so different tonight and have been angels all day. We can't wait to keep up with the training!

Mahnee and Alice

I can see the changes in behaviour already! My girlfriend came over and I asked her to ignore the behaviour and she didn't jump either. Then she went to her crate and slept for the entire visit. My friend was able to pat her whilst she was calm. I am so very grateful.


Thank you so much. The boys have been very quiet and well-behaved this afternoon. We can't believe the transformation. Lovely to meet you and thank you so very much.

Angela and Neil

Thank you so much for your time yesterday and for sharing this information. We have seen a big change in Oscar's behaviour already. We spent our first night without Oscar in our bed in years - without any fuss from him!

Alice and Leigh

Hi Angela, It was so lovely to meet you. I cannot thank you enough. Already the change in dynamics is incredible. I think Eddie is just as relieved as we are.

Kate Gleeson

Hi Angela, I know I thanked you a few times on Friday, but Polly has been amazing ever since. We have kept following your steps and she's so much more happy and relaxed now - she quietly follows us when we go for walks and doesn't bark at other dogs. She even sits at doors now and waits for us to go through first. We are so grateful to have met you and truly hope you find fulfilment in the fact you're changing and improving lives of dogs and their human companions.

Laura and Gleb

Thanks Angela, it was very informative yesterday and I've noticed a huge difference in their behaviour this morning already as far as boundaries.

Nicole Culos

Hi Angela, Thank you so much for today. Chester is so nice and calm now! You have done a great job.

Angela worked her magic with our crazy French Bulldog. She gave us strategies to use when Chester's behaviour was less than desirable. Highly recommend!!

Jodie Labbad

Hi Angela, Thank you so much for coming and imparting some of your incredible knowledge and wisdom onto us! We can already see a change and are so excited and optimistic for how our Wally will be, thank you!

Zoe Muirhead

Thank you so very much for today. It was very interesting how a few simple methods can change things around.

Lina Bottoms

Hi Angela, It was lovely to meet you last week. Tas and I learnt so many useful tips on dog behaviour and have been putting many of them into practice over the past week. We definitely feel much more capable dog owners as a result of our session. Thank you so much. We are more than happy to recommend your services.

Gianna and Tas

Thank you again for yesterday! You've made such a difference and in a way that is so simple yet so powerful.


Thank you so much Angela! It was lovely to meet you. I can already see a huge difference in Scout - she is being very careful to let me go through doorways first!

Victoria McLeod

Thank you very much for all of your time, incredible insight and help today Angela! It will no doubt make a huge difference!


Hello again Angela, it was a pleasure meeting you and I must say everything you taught me today makes complete sense. I've continued doing the things we went over today and I just can't believe how it works so quickly!!! I was showing Serkin all that you showed me and he was so amazed with the outcomes so far. I can't thank you enough. Our little world has positively changed just from today alone. I'm so excited and motivated to train Billy to his absolute best. Thank you again Angela you have been such a great help.

Julie and Serkin

Hi Angela, Thanks so much for your help today! We are both still astonished at how different Penny is behaving already! So happy we had our session with you.......................................

I just took Penny for a walk on my own and the change is unbelievable. I managed to keep her by my side the whole walk, stopped her barking, then she didn't even try to bark at any other people/dogs that we walked past! I can't wait for Daniel's family to meet the changed Penny. I think they're going to be shocked! Thanks for all your help.


Hi Angela, Thank you so much for yesterday !! We were singing your praises to our street gathering yesterday afternoon. Our walk last night was a changed experience, Hazel was a gem.


Hi Angela, Thank you again for all your help yesterday. Our house is so peaceful now. Such a massive change in Zoey. We have been on two walks and she did not react to the dogs we passed and we have had no barking when she is out the front.


Hi Angela, Thank you so much for the session. We were all chatting last night & all agree that each of us got so much out of the session.

You are so kind. It's clear you love what you do, as you are so good at teaching your knowledge. I'm so glad you were recommended to us. Such a different experience to the other trainer we had come.


Hey Angela, Thank you so very much for your time and help yesterday afternoon. We were both so blown away with the things you taught us all. We are really grateful for everything you showed us. 

Elisa and Gerard 

Hi Angela, 2 weeks on and Jaxon is walking, eating and sleeping perfectly. Sometimes I have to check that he is still on the end of the lead. Thanks so much.


Hi Angela,  One+ week update of Kobe. I really can't thank you enough for this. His behaviour has changed completely and I sometimes wonder whether this is really our Kobe haha. I finally feed the baby sitting on our couch.

His barking has stopped when we eat and he doesn't fuss to come inside when he goes out now. It's a miracle !!! Thank you soo much again !!! You deserve way more than 5 stars.


Hi Angela, Milton has been so good since your visit. Respectful of our space and that includes my son, William. Especially at dinner time, Milton just sits under the couch and watches us and is not biting William's toes. Sandra is well in control and is really enjoying having him in the house now!


Thanks so much for yesterday. I actually can't believe how different she is. She's so much calmer, not biting and not stealing our stuff. It's actually amazing.

Sue and Gigi

From the moment Angela walked through the gate my dogs behaviour changed immediately. After some really creative techniques and lots of discussion about leadership and body language, my dog has been transformed into a completely different dog. Angela's understanding of leadership, behaviour and body language is extraordinary. If you are looking to make a real change please consider booking Angela's services immediately. It has been the only thing that has helped my situation. Thank you for your amazing work.

Aaron, Mel and Archie

Thank you Angela. Today was life changing for us all. It makes me so happy to have learnt so much to be able to give Maisy a more secure and stable home.  Tonight at dinner it was a total new experience. Maisy has responded so well to the directions and as long as we are all consistent she will be amazing. Thank you again from us all.


Angela is a fantastic dog trainer. Our 3.5 year old border collie is a lovely natured dog, but gets over excited. Angela taught us about leadership and hierarchy. It has lead to us having much greater control.

Ged Grimwade

Thank you so much for coming today. It was lovely meeting you! We are already seeing a big difference in Maya's behaviour and we feel so much better prepared to get her feeling more confident and happy and back on track by the time the baby arrives!

We are honestly gobsmacked at the difference and we are so happy we found you on the internet!


We had the pleasure of meeting Angela today. She came to help with our French Bulldogs, Stitch and Archie. Stitch was our concern as he always attacked Archie. When Angela arrived Stitch was his usual self, angry at Archie. Within 30 mins of Angela showing me leadership there was a twist of attitude in Stitch. He was more relaxed, less anxious and was getting along with Archie. Even Archie seemed a more relaxed little boy. Stitch and Archie are now on the road to becoming besties. We are all enjoying the time with the boys and less worried about fights. I'm over the moon at the work Angela has done in a short time. Highly recommend her.

Maria Rizzo

Angela is an outstanding trainer and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for help. Within minutes of meeting my very excitable, overly affectionate, very shouty cavoodle, she had him calm and relaxed. Incredible!

She explained her processes and techniques clearly, and was happy to answer any questions I had. She also ensured I was able to replicate her techniques with ease.

My cavoodle is a different dog; before Angela's training, it was near impossible to stop him barking at other dogs from my front window, together with many other negative behaviour traits that were causing me  a lot of stress. Post-training, I can now get him to stop barking almost immediately. I can't thank you enough Angela!

Kristy Lawler

Angela has great knowledge, had great tips and tricks with training our new puppy, Archie.

James Dean Hawkins

We had a wonderful experience with Angela who emphasised the importance of controlling space and establishing a pecking order for our dog. The insights truly helped our dog relax and feel more secure. Learning these techniques has improved our relationship with our furry companion immensely. Highly recommend this trainer for her valuable guidance in creating a harmonious environment for both dogs and their owners.

Matteo Murone

I contacted 6+ trainers in Melbourne and Angela was the most communicative and sensitive to our needs. She has come in now for a first session with our Westie Terrier pup who's been a bit of trouble to get to sleep in the evenings. We are super glad to have Angela along with us as the journey to have a well behaved lil doggo continues. Thanks so much Angela. Mum is speaking so wonderfully of you and your holistic style of training! Bless.

Timothy Kelly

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