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Dogs in Pascoe Vale and surrounding areas who have owners that use problem-solving techniques for dogs
Dogs with Dog Walker

A well-behaved, calm, relaxed dog:


Would you like me to show you how to transform your out-of-control dog into a relaxed, well-behaved, happy, member of the family?

  • Do you wish your dog would calm down and relax?

  • Do you wish that your visitors could come to visit without your dog jumping all over them and you?

  • Would you like to be able to go for a relaxed walk with your dog trotting along on a loose lead?

  • Do you wish you could come back from work to a home that wasn't destroyed by your dog?

  • Would you like your dog to always come when you call him?

I am an experienced trainer, who brings a very practical, balanced and unique approach to the way I train dogs. Being a mother of five children, has provided me with some important life skills, and has given me an understanding and empathy for people living in a house where things are chaotic and out of their control.

I have learnt to be clear about boundaries, and I understand how to transform an out-of-control dog into a calm, relaxed, focused member of the family, in a sensitive, balanced, quick and effective way. I am passionate about helping people and their dogs, and it is my absolute pleasure to be of service and help restore calm and balance to hectic households.

If you have an issue with your dog that needs addressing, I can help you. Pulling on the lead, jumping all over you, jumping on and chewing the furniture, barking at and scratching the doors, barking at the neighbours, digging holes in the garden, rushing through doorways and gates are just some of the issues that make life difficult, but are actually quite simple and easy to fix.

Most people are amazed at the change in their dog's behaviour in just one session.

I can provide a personalised in-home training session that will:

  • Show you how to understand your dog's body language and how he is communicating.

  • Transform your dog from out-of-control to relaxed, happy and well-behaved.

  • Explain techniques and principles to keep your dog under control in the future.

  • Provide ongoing support for questions and concerns that may arise.

Who this is for -

  • Young couples who have their first dog and don't know how to control him.

  • More experienced dog owners who have acquired a more difficult type of dog.

  • Families who are very busy and don't have a lot of time to train their dogs.

  • Older people who have had dogs in the past but need a refresher course in how to train their dogs.

  • Older parents who are looking after their children's dog.

  • People who have been to puppy school or obedience classes and have found it does not suit their dog.

If this sounds like you and you would like to make your life easier, living with a more relaxed, well-behaved dog, then please get in touch. I can definitely help you.

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Dog's Portrait


Setting Up Leadership Sessions

During your first in-home training session, I address any annoying behavioural issues that your dog is displaying.  I call this 'Setting Up Leadership'.  I use a unique, calm, balanced and consistent approach, using body language to mimic what goes on in a dog pack. Body language is the main form of communication used by dogs, and using it as a training tool is a very effective method, as dogs understand it easily. 

I teach people about setting behavioural limits in the home, and this usually transforms and changes the dog's attitude from boisterous and frantic to relaxed and focused very quickly. My first session goes for approximately 2-3 hours, but can go longer depending on what happens during the session. I don't finish until we have resolved the issues, or we have a plan established for you to continue with.

Follow Up Sessions

I provide 'Follow Up' sessions if required. Most people find that they do not require a follow up session as I try to structure the training so that you are able to take care of most issues once I leave.  I am essentially training you to train your dog.  I am of course very happy to return to do a Follow Up session if you need one. 

Puppy Advice Sessions

I provide 'Puppy Advice' sessions for puppies 12 weeks of age and under. I will discuss all aspects of puppy care during this session.

On Going Support

I always provide free ongoing support for any questions or concerns that may arise.

Setting Up Leadership

Setting up the leadership in your home is the foundation to dog training. 


Dogs like to live in a hierarchy or pack. They feel secure, safe and relaxed when they know their position within this hierarchy. It is the dog's owner's responsibility to show their dog that they are above them in this hierarchy; that they are the leader. If this leadership is not set up clearly then many dogs feel that they and their owners are not safe and the dog therefore feels it is their responsibility to take on this leadership. Dogs take this responsibility very seriously and it causes conflict because most dogs don't actually want this responsibility. They just want someone capable to do it for them. Once this can be shown to a dog in a fair and reasonable way, the change in anxiety levels in the dog are immediate.


Almost all of the problem behaviours I see in my dog travels are because this leadership and hierarchy has not been set up correctly. 


Once the leadership is set up, then the dog will automatically become calm, focused and responsive and it usually happens very quickly . I show you how to set up this leadership in the first session. If this leadership is not established correctly, your dog will never be completely happy or reliable, and especially not in a distracted environment.


Puppy Advice

Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet

Would you like some personalised advice about how to look after your new puppy?  


I can advise you about how to set up your home, feeding, socialising, toilet training, behavioural limits and manners, setting up leadership, preventing separation anxiety, leading, general obedience work and any other issues you may have. 

In my experience many people choose to attend 'puppy school', which can be informative and fun but you will not be taught about how to set up the leadership with your dog. This is an extremely important part of establishing a good, trusting relationship with your dog. My training is focused around teaching this.


I then provide ongoing support seven days a week by message or phone, for any concerns that may arise.




(First session)

(2+ hours)




(1-2+ hours)




(2+ hours)

*Please note a travel fee may apply

*Session times are approximate - it takes as long as it takes


Thanks Angela. Pepper is such a good boy now. Just can't imagine how changed he is with your training. Couldn't thank you enough. We tried puppy schools, we tried dog training schools ??? But what you did was close to a miracle.

Reshma Mathias 

I had Angela come out a few days ago to help me with my very anxious and needy dog Ruby! I was so amazed that within 10 minutes of Angela being there she had Ruby settled. I have put into place a few simple tasks to help Ruby with her anxiety and helping her see that I'm in charge and what a difference I can see only after a few days. Will definitely be having another session with Angela! Highly recommend her!

Jacquie Margaret

Angela ...... Thank you for the most amazing training session with Cooper. Much to my surprise, his response was instantaneous and his behaviour has improved immensely.  
Thanks again ....... highly recommend Angela to anyone with concerns regarding these behavioural issues.

Alex Evangelidis

One week after Angela's visit, Radley's behaviour has improved heaps. His barking outside has pretty much stopped! No whining to come inside! No scratching at the door! All after only one session with Angela! He still has a little way to go but Angela left us with instructions & is happy for us to phone her anytime. I can't recommend Angela's Dog Training highly enough. Very reasonable rates too.

Anne Brincat Minniti


What types of dogs do I train?

These days I don't accept big or aggressive breeds to train but I will train dogs of any age. I do not believe that 'an old dog cannot learn new tricks', it is simply a matter of setting behavioural limits or being clear about the kind of behaviour that you are trying to encourage in a balanced way. I also offer 'Puppy Advice' sessions and can advise you on all aspects of puppy care for that new member of the family.

What do I do differently to other trainers?

I offer a very personalised in-home training service. I believe that it is unrealistic to expect to be able to train a dog in a distracted environment such as an obedience class. Training must take place in an area free from other distractions to establish the behaviour first and then you introduce distractions.

My method of training, using body language, which is the way dogs communicate, is very quick, easily understood by dogs, and gets instant results. I have success with many dogs that their owners have not been able to get under control using other methods, and the owners see immediate improvement in the first session.

My session times are an approximate guide only. If your dog requires more time to understand the training, or you need more time to understand the principles and techniques, I am happy to stay as long as is needed. I don't think this is offered by many other trainers.

I also provide ongoing support after training sessions finish, by message or phone, for those questions and concerns that may arise. This is not a service offered by most other trainers.

What are my training methods?

I use a very simple, practical approach to dog training. I use body language as the main method as this is the way that dogs communicate, and is a very fair and easily understood technique to train a dog. I also set behavioural limits and make them very clear to the dog. This mimics what happens in the hierarchy of a dog pack and since dogs feel secure and safe when they are shown these limits in a clear and consistent way, the dog will respond by settling down and becoming calm and focused. I also explain in my sessions that it is very important to be sensitive and provide a balanced approach as I read the language that the dog is exhibiting. I am aiming always to build a trusting relationship with the dog.

For the obedience work I use the 'Marker' system and find it to be a very effective way to train dogs.

How long do my sessions go for?

The first session, dealing with dogs over the age of 12 weeks, is the 'Setting Up Leadership' session. This session goes for approximately 2-3 hours but can go longer depending on what happens during the session. I don't finish until all the issues have been resolved or we have established a plan for you to continue with.

My 'Follow Up' session goes for approximately 1-2 hours, but again can go longer depending on what happens during the session. This session must be preceded by the 'Setting Up Leadership' session.

My 'Puppy Advice' session goes for approximately 2 hours and again this is an approximate time only. This is for puppies under the age of 12 weeks. There is no prerequisite for this session.

Does the price of the session increase if the session goes for longer than is stated?

No the price stays the same no matter how much longer the session goes for. I think it is important to teach you and your dog properly, so I will not finish the session until I have done this and you are completely satisfied.

What do I do in a typical first session?

When I first arrive at your home I do a mental assessment of your dog's behaviour and level of anxiety, as you explain to me what problems you are having.  I can usually see many basic behaviours that need addressing.  Dogs are constantly communicating with us using their body language. They feel secure and safe when they know that you understand what they are trying to tell you. As I am noticing what is going on with your dog, I  generally see lots of ways that your dog is attempting to communicate and is not being understood. This is why you get out-of-control behaviour.

I then go through a number of exercises with you and your dog that basically are training opportunities to explain to your dog, in dog language, mainly using body language, that you are a fair leader and will keep him safe.  This changes their attitude from out-of-control, boisterous and anxious to calm and relaxed almost immediately.  I then show you how to maintain this behaviour.


My training is not about training a particular behaviour, it is about changing the mindset of your dog to regard you as someone who is decent and fair and worthy of their attention and obedience. When you can get a dog that is focused and attentive to you he will do almost anything for you, even in a distracted environment. My training sessions show how you can achieve this.


I always stay until all the issues have been addressed and I have answered all your questions no matter how long that takes. I also provide on-going support by message or phone for any questions or concerns that may arise after the session, so you are free to get in touch anytime. Most people are amazed at the change in their dog's behaviour in the one session.

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