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Should I tie up my dog?

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

To tie up or not to tie up, that is the question?

Tying your dog up is a bit controversial, especially in city areas. Many people view it as a bit cruel. In contrast many working dogs in country areas spend a good deal of time tied up.

I find it to be a very useful thing to do and teach all my dogs to tie up. It is a very effective way to gain control of a dog expressing dominant behaviour.

My little dog Georgie, loves to protect our backyard from the possums that visit at night. Sometimes she gets a bit too excited and will bark at them too much. I simply tie her up for a short period and she immediately shows submission, settles down and accepts my leadership, even when she is let off again. I find this to be a very quick and calm way to convince her not to worry about the possums anymore.

This method can be used in the house with a boisterous dog as well. Tie them up while you watch TV and you immediately have much more control over the situation, and can gain submission very easily.

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