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Angela's Dog Training

Moonee Ponds, Essendon, Pascoe Vale, Brunswick West, Strathmore, Aberfeldie, Northern Suburbs and Gisborne, Victoria, Australia

A well-behaved, calm, relaxed dog: 


Would you like me to show you how to transform your out-of-control dog into a relaxed, well-behaved, happy member of the family?

Is your dog making your life difficult and stressful?


Is your dog too excited to take notice of you?


Have you tried obedience classes and puppy school and your dog is still out-of-control?

Most people are amazed at the difference in their dogs after just the first session. 

It really is quite simple to fix most problems. You really don't have to put up with annoying behaviour.


Wouldn't you rather enjoy your time with your dog?


Does your dog

  • Not listen to you because he is too excited?

  • Jump on you and visitors?

  • Scratch and bark at the backdoor?

  • Suffer from separation anxiety?

  • Pull on the lead?

  • Rush through doorways and gates?

  • Not settle in the house?

I address all these issues in the first session: This is called 'Setting Up Leadership'

I am an experienced trainer, who brings a very practical and unique approach to the way I train dogs.

I have learnt to be very clear about boundaries, and understand how to transform an out-of-control dog into a calm, relaxed, focused, happy member of the family, quickly and effectively.

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My family and I would like to thank Angela for all her guidance, help & assistance with our cavoodle pup, little Miss Ella! We appreciate everything and could not recommend your dog training enough. If there was a way to give you six stars out of five, we definitely would. Thanks so much.

Adem Bektash

Many thanks yet again for all your expertise, Angela. We have noticed our little Sooty is much calmer and it's so relieving to see the anxiety shifting. You were so right, he is very responsive to the boundaries and he seems to thrive on having these newer rules in place, as it has created more structure for him. We were absolutely blown away by how amazing you are. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Rebecca Bridger

Angela's approach to establishing leadership with our new puppy Obi was fantastic in so many ways. We are a family with children and Angela has helped us set up the correct household dynamics to ensure that owning a large dog is going to be a positive experience for each of us (Obi included of course). We were shown in simple and practical ways how to interact with Obi and how to teach Obi what behaviours are/are not acceptable. Angela was exceptional at demonstrating how to set boundaries and respond to Obi in a way that he would understand - and we have learnt that these elements are critical in establishing leadership. The results have been excellent and it is so great to see the improvements in our puppy's behaviour so quickly. Obi had actually started to growl at us if he didn't want to do something we needed him to do (like leave a specific room). This worrying behaviour ceased the day after the training session. Obi now very obligingly gets up and follows us out of the room when asked. If you need help getting your dog to become a well mannered and relaxed family member we would highly recommend Angela's Dog Training. One session really did exceed our expectations.

Belinda McCabe

If you would like help with your dog, please get in touch:  I would be happy to discuss your dog problems.

Moonee Ponds & Gisborne

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